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Lakers’ Rajon Rondo reveals how his brother has been a key to his success in bubble

Rajon Rondo, Lakers

Rajon Rondo’s brother, William, made headlines on Saturday night after he went at it with Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook.

But Rondo said he has also been a vital source of support and confidence.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ reserve guard explained he looks at William as a motivator, and someone who gives him energy on the court:

“He’s been my rock since I’ve been here,” Rajon Rondo told The Undefeated after Saturday night’s game. “A lot of inspiration. A lot of motivation. From the top on down, he’s somebody I look to from the stands and get my calmness from. He will tell me honestly to pick it up or that I’m doing great. He knows the game. I definitely need him in the building with me.”

“He actually gave me a hell of a boost in Game 2 against the Rockets,” Rajon Rondo said. “I was tired as hell and I was on [Rockets star] James [Harden] guarding him in the fourth quarter. He was like, ‘Dig deep. Get through it.’ I needed that. I actually told him that he helped me get through the fourth in terms of my fatigue. It wasn’t time for that. I heard him in the crowd and I’m always looking for him at the start of the games.”

William Rondo is also apparently unafraid to mix it up with ruthless competitors such as Westbrook.

Security asked William to leave Saturday night’s game after he began jawing with Westbrook from the sidelines. Westbrook said after the game he wanted William to simply watch the game, though he understood William’s desire to stick up for his brother.

Rajon, meanwhile, has provided steadiness off the bench as the Lakers begin preparations for the Western Conference finals.

Rondo was a plus-28 in Game 2, and he also scored 21 points and made multiple three-pointers as the Lakers took control in the fourth quarter of Game 3.

The former All-Star has become a key rotation figure, with William supplying him with the desire to keep pushing forward.