Rajon Rondo is officially back with the Los Angeles Lakers. The high-IQ point guard answered a number of questions during his introductory press conference – including which player he's excited to play alongside.

Rondo was quick to the trigger when posed the question.

“Carmelo,” the Lakers guard responded.

Rajon Rondo and Carmelo Anthony have grown vastly familiar with each other throughout their careers before joining the Lakers. Rondo was at the height of his powers during the early 2010s with the Boston Celtics, the same time Melo was establishing himself as one of the league's best with the New York Knicks.

He then followed up by mentioning the other Lakers guard joining the team this season – Russell Westbrook.

“Obviously, Russ, Trev. I look forward to talking to Trev, learning his mind, his focus … We’ve had a lot of great battles with a lot of these guys that’s now teammates. I’m looking forward to putting everything in the past and putting it together for the greater good of the team and winning a championship here.”

Rajon Rondo brings even more championship experience on a team packed with veterans looking to win it all. Although the overall fit on the court could be questionable, the mindset and determination Rondo brings will not be in doubt.