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Lakers star Russell Westbrook breaks silence on ‘legacy’-building move amid rampant trade rumors

Russell Westbrook

It’s been a very interesting summer for Russell Westbrook as his future with the Los Angeles Lakers continues to be shrouded in uncertainty. It’s no secret that LA has been trying to trade the former league MVP and that at this point, they have yet to find an opposing team that’s willing to take on Russ and his gargantuan deal.

Despite all the precariousness of his current situation, Westbrook is making sure that he is able to build on his “legacy.” His latest move outside the basketball court sees the 33-year-old venture into the highly-lucrative world of advertising. According to reports, Russ has partnered with a company named Casual IQ to build a new brand, RW Digital, which “intends to connect advertisers with multicultural audiences.”

Via Kim Bhasin of Bloomberg:

“We’ve been keeping so much stuff quiet,” Westbrook said. “People just see me on the court, but I want to build an enterprise that’s done the right way.”

This is far from Westbrook’f first business venture. He has a lot going on outside of basketball as he hopes to make his mark as an entrepreneur, not only for himself but for his family as well:

“I’m locked in year-round,” said Westbrook. “This is an important thing for me, for my future, for my legacy, for our kids.”

Right now, there’s no guarantee where Russell Westbrook will be playing next season. The Lakers can ultimately decide to keep him on board, or it’s also possible that an announcement pertaining to his blockbuster trade is made soon. Either way, Westbrook is just doing what he can to control the things that he can.