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Lakers star Russell Westbrook’s instant reaction to LeBron James fight sends Twitter into frenzy

Lakers, Isaiah Stewart, Russell Westbrook, LeBron James

Sunday night featured some intense action on the basketball court as the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Detroit Pistons in what turned out to be a really feisty matchup. LeBron James got ejected after throwing an elbow to Pistons big man Isaiah Stewart, who in turn, looked like he wanted to fight the entire Lakers team.

Unsurprisingly, Russell Westbrook had to make his presence felt during the melee. His instant reaction to Stewart trying to rush LeBron is just so typical Russell Westbrook and it has sent the mean streets of Twitter into a frenzy:

Russ went full hold-me-back mode as he squared up in anticipation of Stewart’s attack. The Lakers point guard looked like he was ready to throw it down at that point so we’re all just glad that things no longer escalated from that point on.

Some trolls were not buying it, though, as they blatantly called out Russ’ fake tough guy act:

Others found humor in Westbrook’s reaction as the Lakers guard projected his best fighting stance against an impending attack:

The good news here is that Westbrook did not have to use his hands on this occasion. The people on the court did an excellent job in holding Stewart back and the fight was quickly de-escalated.

The Lakers managed to escape with a victory, 121-116.