Shaquille O’Neal has had his fair share of relationships throughout the 50 years he has been on this earth. At this point, however, it appears that Shaq is enjoying the single life.

In a recent episode of The Big Podcast, The Los Angeles Lakers icon revealed his current relationship status — or the lack thereof (h/t Tyler Rucker of sportskeeda):

“I’m married to a girl named couch,” O’Neal said. “I have a side chick named Netflix. I have another side chick named Amazon, and my favorite side chick is Hulu. And they keep me occupied. That’s how I relax. After I work, I like to just go home, sit down, chill.

“Then, I have another side chick that doesn’t have her passport clearances, her name is hookah. So, I’m occupied.”

Apparently, Shaq has at least four side chicks right now on top of his wife. It just so happened that none of them are actual people. The way he delivered his current status as a single man enjoying the joys of streaming services is hilarious. I can imagine the NBA legend sitting alone on the couch of his multi-million dollar mansion while watching Netflix all night long.

Despite his lack of a life partner right now, though, Shaq is making sure to keep his relationship with his kids as strong as ever. His eldest son, Shareef, is currently trying to follow in his dad’s footsteps. The 22-year-old recently had a brief run with the Lakers during the preseason but was unable to secure a deal with the Purple & Gold. Nevertheless, Shaq has never ceased providing his son with his full support.