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Skip Bayless slams Draymond Green’s friendship with LeBron James with bonkers claim

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Skip Bayless is an unapologetic LeBron James hater. Anyone who’s followed the NBA even casually knows this. When it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers star, Skip will do anything to disparage his name. That’s the iconic character that made him such an infamous personality in the NBA circles.

Skip’s latest claim, though, may have taken things a bit too far. In the last few years, LeBron James has built a strong friendship with Golden State Warriors rival Draymond Green. After their heated battles in the playoffs, Green has seemingly softened his stance on LeBron, to the point where he has defended him on multiple occasions.

In comes Skip Bayless, with a rather… bizarre take, to say the least. In his latest podcast, the TV personality claimed that Green’s friendship with LeBron was due to money matters. Bayless accused the Warriors star of being a sellout… for being friends with LeBron. Wow. (via The Skip Bayless Show)

“Once upon a time during Game 4 of the 2016 Finals, Draymond, you called LeBron on the court a b**ch to his face. You kicked him below the belt… and the rest is NBA history. Soon after that season ended, it sure looked like you allowed LeBron to buy your loyalty, to buy you off. You became business partners with him. What a sellout!”’

It’s not really that much of a stretch to think that Draymond Green could think highly about LeBron after their 2016 battle. At the end of the day, basketball is just a game. No one should let an on-court rivalry dictate their off-court relationship.