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Suns’ Jae Crowder takes dirty cheap shot at Lakers star Anthony Davis

Jae Crowder, Anthony Davis, Lakers, Suns

NBA preseason action is underway and it appears Phoenix Suns sharpshooter Jae Crowder is already trying to get under Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers’ skin.

Phoenix rolled to a convincing 117-105 over LA on Wednesday night, but LeBron James and Russell Westbrook weren’t playing. AD was though and Crowder pulled off a very dirty cheap shot on the big man that was simply uncalled for. Just take a look:

At this point, the Suns were up by 20. Yes, the Lakers are their rivals but c’mon Crowder, that was just so unnecessary. We’re all aware of the injury problems that Davis has health with across the last year and it would’ve been an absolute shame for him to get hurt again from that type of non-sense play.

Crowder was one of the main players who annoyed LeBron in the 2021 Playoffs and even mocked him with the classic Salsa Dance after the Suns knocked out Los Angeles. However, was Crowder getting revenge on AD? He did hit him square between the legs with a flying kick in Game 2 of the first round, which resulted in a flagrant foul for the Lakers star:

Okay, that could be why Crowder did it. Nonetheless, both players weren’t even close to the basketball and Crowder went out of his way to foul Davis. We get a feeling these two don’t like each other.