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The reason LeBron James, Anthony Davis can fit with new Lakers stars, per Dwight Howard

LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers had a massive retooling of their roster. They traded and let go of multiple players to get new ones. The result is a massive collection of elite role players to flank LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

However, there’s one criticism that many fans have of this team: chemistry. After all, this is a group of NBA stars that were once the big dog of the team. How would they fit next to each other on the Lakers, especially with someone who controls the game like LeBron.

According to Dwight Howard, though, that shouldn’t be a problem for the Lakers, because of one simple reason. (via @hashtaglakerpod on Twitter, Dwight Howard’s IG)

“Bruh, we’ve been playing AAU and basketball our whole life! We’re trying to win. Ain’t no egos. Ain’t nobody going out there by themselves.”

A lot of fans don’t realize the fact that this likely isn’t LeBron or Anthony Davis’ first time playing with All-Star teammates. As Howard points out in his IG live, all of the guys in the Lakers have played in star-studded AAU teams with many potential All-Stars. Playing with this many alphas in their roster isn’t a new thing for them.

Moreover, these guys are veterans. Perhaps four years ago, Howard and Anthony would have balked at the idea of playing Rebound Guy and Shooting Guy behind LeBron James. But now, they understand the mission is simple: get the Lakers to the Finals, and win another championship.

Can Dwight make good on this bold prediction? The only way to find out is in practice. We eagerly await the first time these guys play for the Lakers.