Kevin Durant leaving the Golden State Warriors after this season is expected to happen. The two-time finals MVP joining the Los Angeles Lakers after isn't.

However, according to USA Today Sports, it's possible that Kevin Durant would opt to move to Hollywood and join LeBron James in the Lakers organization after this season.

“But why would Durant leave, especially if the two-time Finals MVP can guide the Warriors to a three-peat? Durant's recent flap with Draymond Green and an ongoing need to quiet doubters on social media could be major factors.”

Sure enough, while the idea seems to be far-fetched at first, it's not really impossible for Durant to pull off such move. After all, he did join a Warriors team that is coming off a 73-9 campaign back in the summer of 2016.

Not to mention that his relationship with the Warriors and his teammates may no longer be as good as it was in the past two years. He even had a highly publicized confrontation with Draymond Green earlier this season.

Durant's legacy has been tainted since he left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Warriors, so he certainly has a lot to prove to his doubters. Moreover, although he has already won the title twice along with two finals MVP awards, the way he got it will always be a subject of debate.

Only time will tell where Kevin Durant will end up after this season. The New York Knicks are also rumored to be heavily pursuing the All-Star forward, but it will undoubtedly be interesting to see what will happen if Durant chooses to join the Lakers.