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Lakers will not use ‘Twin Towers’ lineup any longer

As the NBA shifts to a more guard-oriented league, lineups that see two players 7’0 or taller become rarer and rarer. The Los Angeles Lakers fielded a starting lineup like this on Sunday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Both Ivica Zubac (7’1) and JaVale McGee (7’0) started the game for the Purple and Gold.

Even the Lakers’ starting small forward that night, Brandon Ingram, stands 6’9, completing a truly intimidating ‘Twin Towers’ lineup.

Unfortunately for L.A., the T’Wolves blitzed the starting lineup off the court, outscoring them 14-1 before Zubac was subbed out for Michael Beasley.

Head coach Luke Walton later told reporters that the towering lineup is unlikely to make another appearance together on the court for a while, as reported by Lakers beat writer Kyle Goon:

This is probably a good decision on Walton’s part. The team looked completely out of sync on offense with the two centers on the floor. Floor spacing was completely out of whack with two non-shooting bigs clogging the paint.

In an era dominated by scoring guards, centers have become nearly obsolete. We see fewer players like McGee as teams focus on knocking down as many threes and dunks as possible.

The Lakers continue their slide without LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma, losers of three straight games. The team has slipped from the fifth seed to the eighth. However, things aren’t too bleak for Lakers fans; as soon as James is back, the team should immediately improve and stop dropping games to subpar opponents.