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4 entertainment industry sources say LeBron James going to Lakers

LeBron James, Lakers

LeBron James’ potential destination has been a major topic of banter, and now even more so with the postseason soon coming to an end in the eve of Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

According to Pete Zayas of Lakers Film Room, LeBron James will wind up a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, per four of his sources — he said in the Under the Buss Podcast.

“I have had four different sources in the entertainment industry, none of them been basketball people… LeBron is coming [to the Lakers with Paul George] he has had to put X, Y, and Z in motion from a marketing standpoint.”

James has been making small, yet significant moves around the L.A. area throughout this season, which have lined a potential arrival to the City of Angels. The most vital of them, checking out private schools for his kids within the area, which could lead to his eventual arrival.

James and Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George had reportedly had conversations about potentially joining forces — with the only team capable of hauling in such max-level contracts being the Lakers.

The Lakers had been reportedly shifting their free agent hauling strategy to 2019, holding out for younger max-level players like Kawhi Leonard, who is seven years younger than James, who is likely in the last few years of his prime.

Los Angeles has been hellbent in building a long-lasting dynasty, and even if the writing is on the wall, would have to closely examine their decisions given the mileage James has put on his body over his 15 seasons in the league and the long postseason runs he’s had in the past.

Update in regard to the report: