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Sierra Canyon official says LeBron James’ son not enrolled in school

LeBron James, Bronny

Earlier, former NBA star point guard Gary Payton did his part in fanning the flames of rumors linking LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers by telling Sheena Marie of Black Sports Online that James’ kid, LeBron Jr., has already enrolled and committed to play for Sierra Canyon High School in Los Angeles. This bit of news surely came as a win for Lakers fans, who may have been sent into jubilation after hearing Payton’s “scoop.”

Well, those celebrations seem premature, though.

According to Chris Martin Palmer of Spectrum Sportsnet, he made due diligence to check on the validity of Payton’s claim by asking an official of Sierra Canyon, who then denied any rumors that Bronny has, indeed, enrolled at the said educational institution.

Just talked to a Sierra Canyon official on the rumor that Bronny James has committed: “That’s news to us. He hasn’t.”

Still, there may be some who would speculate that the school only said that to Palmer to avoid attracting even more attention from the media. It’s also possible that the school and LeBron’s camp had already set up a prior agreement to keep everything under wraps at least until the four-time NBA MVP officially announces where he’s going to start the next chapter of his basketball career.

Until then, don’t expect speculations to die down any time soon.