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VIDEO: Lakers’ Danny Green gets the most awkward question ever from Charlamagne

Lakers, Danny Green, Charlamagne, Tim Duncan

Having just won the NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers, Danny Green has been on more than a few interviews of late. He has been fielding all sorts of questions over the past couple of weeks, especially after his infamous Game 5 miss, but we’re one hundred percent certain that nothing compares to the query he once received from Charlamagne tha God back in 2013.

Here’s a brief clip from the radio interview, courtesy of NBA Central:

Wow. Just wow.

We’re not sure what the discussion was prior to Charlamagne’s overly awkward question, but it does not seem that they were deep in discussion about Tim Duncan’s sexual preference. The host appears to have just randomly thrown that wild question in there, and based on Green’s reaction, he seemed pretty fazed. Kudos to Green for keeping a straight face in an attempt to answer that insane query.

Green and Duncan crossed paths during the former’s stint with the San Antonio Spurs. Green was signed by the Spurs as a free agent entering the second year of his career back in 2010. The Lakers veteran spent a total of eight seasons playing alongside the great Tim Duncan, and this resulted in one championship for Green in 2014.

That was Green’s first title of his career, and at this point, he has added two more to his growing trophy cabinet. Green was part of the Toronto Raptors’ historic championship run last year, and as we all know, he played a key role in the Lakers’ title-winning campaign this season.

Now as for the big question raised in the above interview, I guess we’re just going to leave it at that.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to reflect that this interview was from 2013, and not from right after the Lakers won their 2020 championship.