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VIDEO: Kobe Bryant’s prime hilariously summarized by Boosie Badazz in NSFW rant

Kobe Bryant, Lakers, Boosie Badazz

Even the most eloquent fans oftentimes run out of adjectives to describe the legendary career of the late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. American rapper Boosie Badazz recently tried to sum up the Black Mamba’s greatness in a hilarious, expletive-laden 34-second clip. Boosie, real name Torrence Ivy Hatch Jr., repeatedly described the Los Angeles Lakers icon as “one bad mofo”.

Check out the hysterical video for yourself.

Hilarity aside, Boosie did have some good points reminiscing about Bean’s 20-year NBA career. The 38-year-old hip-hop artist, however, missed the mark when he said Bryant once made 13 3-pointers in a game.  Bryant once held that record, draining 12 triples against the Seattle Supersonics back in 2003. That achievement has since been eclipsed by the Splash Brothers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

Boosie was also spot on with his “bald head and the bob” remark, describing how Bryant was truly phenomenal from his early days up until the twilight of his career. Kobe’s career, of course, can be summed up to two historic chapters, which started when he first wore the no.8 jersey for LA and won three NBA titles for the city. Then, came his “Black Mamba” alter-ego and decision to switch his jersey number to 24, where he won two more Larry O’Brien trophies for the Lakeshow.

Kobe Bryant was taken from the world way too early, as his shocking death last January continues to reverberate globally. Boosie, meanwhile, is just one of the millions of Kobe admirers, and his take on Bryant’s legacy is indeed an entertaining thing to watch. Bryant was also known to unload some expletives every now and then during his career, and he’ll likely appreciate Boosie’s colorful comments.