Lakers video: Rajon Rondo hits layup near 3-point arc but it doesn't count
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Video: Lakers’ Rajon Rondo hits layup near 3-point arc but it doesn’t count

Rajon Rondo

Los Angeles Lakers guard Rajon Rondo is not exactly known for his long-range ability. He is a career 31 percent shooter from downtown, and teams have been known to sag defenders off when Rondo approaches the three-point arc.

One thing Rondo is known for is his crafty layup skill. The former NBA champion can slither around bigs and loft the ball at impossible angles in order to make it bounce through the rim perfectly.

On Sunday night, Rondo combined a strength and a weakness and ended up making the highlight reel by draining a shot that ended up not even counting.

Rajon Rondo caught a return pass from Kentavious Caldwell-Pope well near the three-point line with only tenths of a second remaining on the shot clock and was forced to float a ridiculous underhanded shot that seemed to replicate his layup form.

Amazingly, the shot settled through the net as the buzzer sounded to signify the end of the quarter.  Originally, the shot was ruled good, but after review, it was clear the ball was still on Rondo’s fingertips when the buzzer sounded.

Even though the long two didn’t count, Rajon Rondo has shown a remarkable improvement in his jump shot this season. He is shooting an astounding 47 percent from behind the arc through 12 games for the Lakers — a full ten percent better than his best season from long distance.

While this level of accuracy is almost certainly unsustainable, it’s nice to see the wily veteran develop his game even at this stage in his career.