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Snoop Dogg tries to convince Kawhi Leonard to come to Los Angeles

Snoop Dogg, Kawhi Leonard

If the Toronto Raptors have Drake as one of the people who are helping them convince Kawhi Leonard to stay, the Los Angeles Lakers also have a rapper of their own who’s trying to persuade the two-time Finals MVP to come home to Southern California and join the Purple and Gold.

Leonard hasn’t made a decision yet regarding what team he’ll play for next season. He’s already met with the three teams who’ve positioned themselves as his potential landing spot: the Raptors, Los Angeles Lakers, and the LA Clippers. Over the past few days, there have been conflicting reports about where Kawhi will end up, with some NBA sources claiming that he’s bound to join the Lakers, while others are saying that he’s 99.9 percent staying in Toronto.

The Lakers, Clippers, and Raptors have all remained patient while waiting for Kawhi’s decision, not making any significant moves that will jeopardize their cap space. It is expected that these teams will complete their roster after one of them has signed Leonard.

Some NBA insiders have already said that Leonard isn’t expected to make his announcement on Thursday, adding that he could do it during the weekend to go along with the celebration of the birthday of Uncle Dennis, his trusted advisor.

There is no doubt that Leonard’s decision will impact the balance of power in the NBA. If he chooses to join the Lakers, they will be the heavy favorites to win this year’s championship. If he stays with the Raptors, they will have a great opportunity to win back-to-back titles. If he ends up with the Clippers, he could replicate his success from last season and lead that franchise to their first ever Larry O’Brien trophy.