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Lamar Jackson: 3 bold predictions for the Ravens QB in Week 10 vs. Bengals

Bengals, Ravens, Lamar Jackson

Not many people expected Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson to be as good as he is. Before the season began, Jackson was sitting at 66-1 odds to win the MVP award. Now, oddsmakers have him tied for most likely with 3-1 odds.

The young Raven has got his team rolling, and that won’t end this week. The Ravens have a date with the Cincinnati Bengals in week 10, and things can’t get much easier than that.

Here are three bold predictions for Lamar Jackson during his matchup with the Bengals.

3. Jackson tallies over 300 passing yards

I don’t know if this one even counts as bold. The Bengals have been incredibly awful in just about every way, including pass defense. Another thing the Bengals are terrible at is rushing the passer. That means that Jackson will have all the time in the world to find open receivers, but he won’t need it.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if multiple Ravens receivers cross the 100-yard threshold and the Ravens don’t allow a sack. Jackson will be dropping dimes all over the field, for a full 60 minutes.

2. Jackson racks up over 200 yards rushing

What’s giving this prediction a possibility of happening, you ask. All you have to do is look at the above prediction. The Baltimore offensive line will dominate up front with no problem, and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg will deploy the option attack. The New England Patriots defense, led by Bill Belichick, couldn’t stop the Baltimore offense.

Anyone who thinks that the Bengals, the only winless team in the league, can stop this offense is delusional. There’s just no way that Cincinnati can get stops on the dynamic young quarterback. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Ravens end up hanging 50 points on this poor team.

1. Jackson is on the bench by the third quarter

This one is pretty rare, even in total blowouts. This is the NFL we’re talking about, where the starters rarely sit in games that count. For a little context, when Baltimore was blowing out the Miami Dolphins in week 1 by about 40, the starters stayed on the field until the start of the fourth quarter.

The Ravens won that contest by 49 when all was said and done. In order for Jackson to be riding the pine by the third quarter, the score has to be legendarily lopsided. Jackson hanging 50 isn’t out of the question. The Ravens defense should do its job against fourth-round rookie Ryan Finley, who’s making his first career start.