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Lamar Odom continues down a path of self destruction at LA International Airport

Lamar Odom
The Comeback

It seems Lamar Odom just can’t catch a break.

Early this morning, Odom was supposed to catch an overnight flight from LA to NY. Before the flight, Lamar was seen polishing off some beer and whiskey, easing his mind to say the least.

As Odom boarded the plane and took his seat, the alcohol began to catch up to him. Right as the plane started to pull away from Los Angeles International Airport, Odom immediately bolted to the restroom near the front of the craft. Unfortunately, Odom was unable to contain himself and threw up all over his clothes in the process of running through the aisle.

Odom was escorted off the plane, but was let back on shortly after they let him get composed. Right when he sat back down, the uneasy feeling came right back and he went straight to the restroom again. Sadly, Odom was not able to make the flight to NY.

It is unclear whether Odom was forced to leave the flight or if he willingly chose to step off. The airport staff do a good job of protect all passenger’s privacy, but this story was certain to leak with everyone else on the flight aware of Odom’s downfall.

Lakers‘ fans can only lament the downward spiral Odom’s life has become. Having a herion addict as a father coupled with a mother who died of colon cancer when he was twelve probably affected his life in a significant way. Hopefully Lamar will find peace in his life without the help of drugs and alcohol.

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