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Michael Jordan’s savage moment involving Pat Riley didn’t make The Last Dance cut


Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan and Miami Heat president Pat Riley share mutual respect towards each other despite their heated battles in the 1990s. Riley showed up a number of times throughout the recently concluded “The Last Dance” documentary, which focused on the Bulls’ 1997-98 season.

However, according to the documentary’s director, Jason Hehir, a savage moment between Michael Jordan and Riley didn’t make the cut on ESPN’s 10-part special. According to Hehir, Riley shared a story that happened while spending his vacation in Hawaii sometime in 1992 or 1993. The then-Knicks coach booked a presidential suite in one of the resorts. However, the manager requested Riley to move out to accommodate a very special guest.

That VIP turned out to be none other than Jordan. Riley even found out in the most savage of ways. While he was chilling by the pool, he saw His Airness waving at him from the balcony of the suite.

Surely, there is more where that came from. With so much footage, there’s probably a ton more anecdotes and interviews that did not make the final cut. Hopefully, Hehir and others involved in putting together the documentary can share more stories like this.

Generally, “The Last Dance” was a huge success as many hoops fans and current NBA players enjoyed the 10-part series and boosting Jordan’s already huge popularity. However, controversies also stemmed from the documentary.

Reports of Scottie Pippen feeling disappointed and frustrated with his portrayal on the documentary recently surfaced. Likewise, former Bulls forward Horace Grant also ripped Jordan for some of the things he said in the doc.