LiAngelo Ball potentially could’ve cost himself the opportunity to ever play professionally in China following his controversial shoplifting arrest while he was on tour with UCLA.

However, his father, LaVar, tells TMZ that LiAngelo's shoplifting incident would in no way hinder his son’s chances of coming back to play in China, and that they would be happy to have him.

“Of course! Why not?!” LaVar said, when we asked if China would welcome Gelo back. “They would be happy to have him.”

The Balls are still exploring different options for where LiAngelo and LaMelo will play after LaVar pulled LiAngelo out of UCLA, possibly severing all ties to the school.

While LiAngelo’s shoplifting incident was a big black mark on his record, it’s hard to completely rule anything out these days. If he and his teammates could escape that incident without serving jail time despite China’s stringent laws against stealing, then why couldn’t he come back into the country to play basketball?

If LaVar can convince some Chinese teams that it’d be worth their while financially to bring LiAngelo (and potentially LaMelo) over to play, then it wouldn’t at all be surprising to see LiAngelo playing there despite his checkered history.