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Leaks & Rumors: Dragon Age Netflix series in development

Leaks & Rumors: Dragon Age Netflix series in development

If rumors are true, it looks like Dragon Age will be the next fantasy video game series to get a Netflix adaptation. Website Giant Freakin Robot reported that a Dragon Age series is already in development. However, they did not release any further details. This marks another of Netflix’s moves to further integrate their streaming service into the gaming industry.

Dragon Age‘s world of Thedas is a rich tapestry of peoples, places and cultures. The mainline games of the series have seen us through colorful settings. Ranging from medieval Ferelden, to the oppressive city of Kirkwall, to the opulent palaces of Orlais. It has not yet been clarified whether the adaptation will be live-action or animated. However, a live-action one seems like it would be quite the undertaking.

Previously, Dragon Age adapted playable companion Cassandra’s Origin Story with the animated film, Dawn of the Seeker. We can reasonably expect the supposed upcoming adaptation to continue in the same vein. Perhaps it will be another animated film about a side character. Similar to Netflix’s Nightmare of the Wolf, which tackles the Witcher series’ Vesemir.

Additionally, the main character of each Dragon Age game is a different, player-made character. Due to this, it will be interesting to see if they will follow the mainline game’s story and present their own Warden, Hawke or Inquisitor as the protagonist.

If these rumors are true, that means we might be returning to Thedas earlier than Dragon Age 4. The next upcoming game in the series is supposedly coming out in 2023.