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LeBron James grounded Bronny after weed video? Odell Beckham Jr. let info slip

Bronny LeBron James Odell Beckham Jr.

Los Angeles Lakers star Lebron James has been able to stay out of trouble and maintain a good public image all throughout his playing career. His eldest son in Bronny James also hopes to follow in his footsteps. But his name has recently trended on social media for the wrong reasons.

The high school baller recently went viral for his accidental slip-up of a video of him smoking weed posted on his Instagram story. Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. might have given a few hints as to what might have happened to the 16-year old after he ditched a supposed Warzone stream on Twitch with the NFL star, according to a video posted by a fan page on Instagram.

This came shortly after the Lakers squad returned to Los Angeles after a championship run in the Orlando bubble.

The weed video instantly made rounds on the internet in the midst of the Lakers’ Finals encounter against the Miami Heat to which they won in six games. Their latest victory gave the Purple and Gold their 17th championship title in franchise history.

Internet dwellers, as they are wont to do, instantly went to work with memes about the teenager. Basketball fans also engaged in countless of conversations online and weighed their opinions regarding the controversy.

Some went against Bronny and called him out for putting a stain on his father’s reputation while other fans defended him by saying that it’s not unusual for a high school student to be curious and smoke weed.

Nonetheless, no one will know exactly what might have happened behind closed doors but Bronny James suddenly going missing in action could be indicative of him receiving disciplinary action from his father.