You'll find in our Lies of P Review that, just like most Soulslikes, it prides itself on its story and multiple endings. We present to you our Lies of P Endings Guide, which is, ironically, an article you should read even before you start the game if you want to affect the game's ending.

Spoiler Warning: While we try to prevent spoiling you key plot details, we're forced to disclose some of them here to let you know how to achieve the ending of your choice.

Lies of P Endings Guide

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There are three endings in Lies of P. To prevent as many spoilers as possible, we'll just call them the True Ending, the Good Ending, and the Bad Ending.

Good Ending – Tell more truths than lies throughout the game, and then after the final boss fight, refuse Geppeto's request.

Bad Ending – After the final boss fight, agree to Geppetto's request.

How to get Lies of P's True Ending

True Ending – The True Ending can only be obtained if Pinnochio achieves a certain level of Humanity by the Ending. This is done by telling a Lie throughout the game at every opportunity, as well as listening to all the Records that they find from start to finish. Every time Pinnochio grows closer to becoming a human, the game will tell the player that something inside of him is shifting. Apart from that, players will also have to find the painting “Portrait of a Boy” in the Black Rabbit Brotherhood hideout and give the painting to Geppetto. Towards the end of the game, players will have to kill Sophia when prompted. After the final boss fight, talk to Geppetto, then ignore his request.

With that, you should now be able to complete Lies of P with the ending of your choice. It's possible to see two endings with one save file by just reloading the save before Geppetto's request, but if you want to see all three, you'll have to finish the game twice and either tell all lies or tell no lies.

After watching the ending, be sure to stay in your seat for a spectacular post-credits scene that sets up a whole new universe for this soon-to-be franchise.

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