Collecting all of the records in Lies of P is important to unlock the game's true ending, so players will surely be interested in finding out where all of the records' locations are. In this Lies of P guide, we guide you to all the records' locations and tell you where to find all of the records in the game.

Where to Find All of the Records in Lies of P

Players will be able to get records as they complete quests in Lies of P. In this guide, we'll go through each one of these side quests in order of when the player can start progressing towards the record for the first time.

“Feel” – Elysion Boulevard

The first record that the player can collect is in Chapter 2. Near the Stargazer “Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard,” return to the wide open square area where you fight the police puppet before the bridge to the Krat City Hall, and look for the lady's silhouette against one of the lighted-up windows in the apartments. She will ask you to bring her baby back from the City Hall. In the City Hall's courtyard, fight against the Scrapped Watchman Boss. After activating the new Stargazer, find the “baby” on a bench near the exit. The bench will have the word Friends sketched on the floor in front of it. Take the “baby” back to the lady, and tell her that “She's a cute baby” when prompted.

“Divine Service” – St. Frangelico Cathedral

The second Lies of P record that players can find is in the Cathedral. Players will have to find Cecile at the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library, and upon talking to her, she will ask the player to deliver to her the Archbishop's Holy Mark. The Holy Mark can be found just near the Stargazer in this area, above it in the Archbishop's office, which is a room with winged statues by the doorway behind a massive Globe. Return the item to Cecile, then beat the Fallen Bishop Andreus Boss. After the boss fight, return to where Cecile was, and in her stead the player will find the Divine Service record as well as the Pray Gesture and Cecile's Confession.

“Someday” – Malum District

Here's a record that players can purchase directly. Find the Malum District Black Market Trader merchant just before they open the shortcut back to the second Stargazer in the area. Wear the Smiling Bunny Mask that you can find in the previous area, Path of the Pilgrim, so that he thinks you're part of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. He'll sell you his wares if he thinks you're one of them, otherwise, you'll have to pay a bribe, on top of purchasing the Someday Record for 3,800 Ergo.

“Fascination” – Estella Opera House

To find Fascination, players will have to find the Krat Supply Box at the St. Frangelico Cathedral. To get the Krat Supply Box, find the wooden tower and fight the Elite Decay on top. Towards the room to the right, there will be a chest that you can interact with to obtain the key item. Return to Hotel Krat and talk to Polendina, giving the Krat Supply Box to him in the process. This will allow you to purchase a Bright Red Apple for 1,000 Krat from him. Fast forward to the Estella Opera House, find Adelina on the second floor near the Estella Opera House Entrance Stargazer. Give her the Bright Red Apple, then return to this area once you've beaten the King of Puppets boss fight and you'll find the Fascination Lies of P record in her stead.

“Why” – Hotel Krat

To obtain Why, players will have to first find the NPC Belle in the Grand Exhibition. She is found in the Grand Exhibition Gallery. Beat the Champion Victor Boss and Belle will move to Hotel Krat, where it's safer. After defeating the Corrupted Parade Master later in the game, return to Hotel Krat and talk to Belle. She'll tell you about a missing friend. Fast Travel to Krat Central Station Platform and then check the metal stairs leading back down. Find the open door to the green train car, and talk to the NPC, Atkinson. He'll give you a letter, which you should give to Belle. After your conversation, regardless of how you answer, Belle will give you the Why record.

“Quixotic” – Grand Exhibition

After defeating Champion Victor, players can meet the Red Fox and the Black Cat again. Pay them using a Gold Coin Fruit, and then do the “Beg” emote in front of them, and they'll give you the Quixotic record.

“Misty E'ra” – Hermit's Cave

Open the tunnel gate leading to the Hermit's Cave by deciphering the Rusty Cryptic Vessel. Kill the Corrupted Ogre, and it will drop the Misty E'ra Lies of P Record.

“Far East Princess” – Hotel Krat

The process to obtain this Lies of P record starts once Eugenie gives Pinnochio a pair of gloves, which you can give to Alidoro the merchant, from whom you can purchase Boss Weapons. You can find him in the Barren Swamp, give him the pair of gloves, and then return to Eugenie to tell her about Alidoro's reaction. Again in the Barren Swamp, at the Bridge, you can talk to an NPC named Hugo to learn more about Alidoro. After the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss Fight, players can talk to Alidoro and have him confess his real identity. From here, players can kill Alidoro, and he'll drop a Cryptic Vessel. Bring it to Venigni and read all pages of the Vessel. Talk to Eugenie and tell her a Lie: that you think Alidoro was just a very talented Stalker. This will give you the Far East Princess Record, but will also lock you out of the Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 Record for this playthrough.

“Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1” – Hotel Krat

This Record is what you get when you tell Eugenie the truth, or if you didn't get Alidoro's Cryptic Vessel and just tell Eugenie that Alidoro is actually Eugenie's older brother.

“Memory of Beach” – Hotel Krat

This requires a lot of side quests completed before you can get it. First, get the Wedding Ring by completing the Julian the Gentleman side quest in Rosa Isabelle Culvert. Give the Wedding Ring to Polendina. Then, purchase a cure from Giangio in exchange for a Gold Coin Fruit. Give the cure to Polendina, which he'll use to prolong the life of Antonia, the owner of Hotel Krat who's in a wheelchair. This will allow her to survive the attack on Hotel Krat. However, she'll still die eventually, and you'll find the Memory of Beach Lies of P record from where she was last found in Geppetto's room.

“Shadow Flower” – Arche Abbey

You will get the Shadow Flower Record if you decide to kill Sophia at the Arche Abbey.

All Records Locations Obtainable in New Game+

While acquiring all of the records above (with the exception of the mutually exclusive ones), you'd have enough Records to listen to turn Pinnochio into a Human and unlock the True Ending. Upon starting New Game+, players will be able to collect a new set of Golden Records which you'll need to collect for the Golden Memory achievement.

“Fascination (Golden)” 

Find Test Subject 826 at the Arche Abbey Outer Wall. Talk to him to get the Happy Emote. Fight and defeat the Black Cat Boss, and then return to the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance. From the Stargazer, head to the shortcut gate to find Test Subject 826 again and purchase this Lies of P Record from him for 6,000 Ergo.

“Memory of Beach (Golden)”

Purchase from the Wandering Merchant at the Abandoned Apartment for 10,000 Ergo.

“Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 (Golden)” 

Purchase from the Wandering Merchant at the Cerasani Alley for 6,000 Ergo, before fighting the Boss Parade Master.

“Quixotic (Golden)”

Purchase from the Wandering Merchant Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard for 10,000 Ergo.

“Shadow Flower (Golden)”

Purchase from the Lorenzini Arcade at the Abandoned Apartment for 10,000 Ergo.

And that's all of the 16 different records players can collect in Lies of P. We hope that this guide has been helpful to you.

Lies of P is available now on PC through Steam, on the PS4 and the PS5, as well as the Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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