While the new format for Fox Sports 1's Undisputed is the talk of the sports media world today, the new theme song by Lil Wayne deserves some attention in its own right. The original anthem written for the show's reboot, entitled “Good Morning”, is garnering some serious praise and is having a viral moment on social media.

The song's upbeat vibe and clever lyrics referencing Skip Bayless and weaving in details about the show has struck a chord with viewers. Fans took to X (formerly Twitter) with comments like “Yea this one better than the old one 🔥🔥💯💯😱😱” and “Banger” and “Yo!!!!!! That’s hot 🥵.”

Other glowing reviews included, “Best sports theme song I ever heard” and “This is fire 🔥 🔥🔥”! One commenter even called the new theme song the “Greatest of all time,” while another questioned “How is Wayne still at the top of his game man 🐐?”

Others picked up on the goat theme and amplified it even louder. “Wayne just gets better and better. He ain’t gone never run out of stuff to say ! He’s my 🐐 im a wayne fanatic,” wrote one user. Another said, “damn weezy you need to drop a new album miss hearing the goat 🐐.”

Reactions to the reboot of of the Undisputed show itself were a little more mixed. Some commenters seemed to like the new greater variety of opinions, while others didn't think Bayless' co-hosts had quite found their footing yet. Although others still thought Bayless was now the weakest link of the show. Regardless, every new show needs some time to find its voice, but thanks to Lil Wayne it seems the theme song at least gets things started on a high note.