Lionel Messi is getting ready for the 2024 Copa America, and he's not holding back. The Argentina superstar recently displayed his impressive gym routine, flaunting his bulging biceps as he prepares for another shot at continental glory, reported by GOAL.

The eight-time Ballon d'Or winner is gearing up for another opportunity to add to his trophy cabinet with Argentina. Messi broke his international trophy drought in the 2021 Copa America and followed it up with World Cup success in Qatar 2022. Now, he has his sights set on defending the Copa America crown.

Messi has been in outstanding form at his club, Inter Miami, breaking records and showcasing his extraordinary talent in Major League Soccer (MLS). Recently, he scored twice in Argentina's 4-1 win over Guatemala, a warm-up match that set the stage for their Copa America campaign.

Lionel Messi's fitness routine

Messi’s commitment to maintaining peak physical condition is evident in his rigorous gym routine. With each passing year, he continues to push his limits, ensuring he's in the best possible shape to lead his team. His latest gym sessions have shown a focus on strength training, particularly bulking up his upper body, which could give him an edge on the field.


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Messi has now scored an incredible 108 goals in 182 appearances for Argentina. His dedication to fitness and training is reminiscent of his eternal rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, who at 39, continues to perform at the highest levels with Al-Nassr and Portugal. Both players set a high standard for physical conditioning and longevity in professional football.

What's next for Argentina

Argentina’s squad is intensifying their preparations for the Copa America opener against Canada on Thursday. Messi, as captain, is leading by example both on the training ground and in the gym. The team is working hard to ensure they are in top form, aiming to make a strong start in the tournament.

As the captain, Messi is not just expected to perform on the field but also to inspire and lead his teammates. His dedication to fitness and his impressive performances set a benchmark for the entire squad. With major honors at stake, Argentina will look to Messi for guidance and inspiration as they navigate the challenges of the Copa America.

Lionel Messi's preparation for the 2024 Copa America is a testament to his enduring commitment to excellence. By showcasing his intense gym routine and maintaining peak physical condition, Messi is setting the stage for what could be another historic chapter in his illustrious career. As Argentina gears up for their opener against Canada, all eyes will be on Messi to see if he can once again lead his team to victory and defend their continental crown.

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