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Lions OT Dan Skipper in hot water after accusations of racism from 49ers’ Arik Armstead

Lions, Dan Skipper, Arik Armstead

Detroit Lions offensive lineman Dan Skipper became an inspirational story on Sunday. Skipper made his first start in the NFL after six years in a Lions win. However, not everyone was a huge fan of the buzz surrounding the offensive lineman.

San Francisco 49ers pass rusher Arik Armstead took to Instagram on Monday with rather serious accusations. According to Armstead, Skipper has frequently used the n-word toward black players. The Lions offensive lineman is white.

“So we cheering for [a] racist now?” Armstead wrote. “Called multiple players the N words in games. Hard ER.”

Many fans were quick to argue that Armstead has not played in any games against the Lions offensive lineman. One fan pointed out that Skipper hasn’t even been on the sideline in any games against the 49ers pass rusher.

Playing devil’s advocate, those facts do not entirely disprove Armstead’s claims. NFL players talk to each other, Lions and 49ers players included. The pass rusher could have heard these allegations from other players who have played against Skipper in some capacity.

Skipper played his college ball at Arkansas. He went undrafted in the 2017 NFL Draft, and has bounced around the league. He is in his third stint as a member of the Lions.

Skipper essentially became a poster boy for the Lions new team culture after the team’s win. His performance embodied the “next man up” mentality and preachings of grittiness instilled by head coach Dan Campbell.

Whether these accusations are true, we don’t know at this time. Only time will tell if we ever find out they are true. If they are true, it’s a bad look for the team and they should release Skipper immediately.