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Lions QB Matthew Stafford claims his ankle is doing better

Matthew Stafford, Lions

On Thanksgiving, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford didn’t seem right. During portions of the game, and clearly by the end of it, he was limping around and appeared to have an issue with his ankle.

That’s the bad. The good? He is claiming the ankle is now doing a bit better after a few days removed from the game.

“Obviously stuck around in town this weekend, got a bunch of treatment on it. We’ll see,” Stafford said. “Coach [Jim Caldwell] will put out that report on Wednesday or whatever it is for practice and all that kind of stuff, but it’s getting better and hopefully it’ll continue to get better.”

In what most have been a bittersweet moment, he was actually hurt while tossing a touchdown pass. The play clearly stuck with the gunslinger.

“A scary play for sure,” he said. “Anytime that kind of stuff happens, it’s the game of football. The pocket gets muddied sometimes and guys are doing everything they can to get to me, our guys are doing everything they can to keep them off me and sometimes that kind of stuff happens. I’m just happy that it wasn’t anything crazy.”

Matthew Stafford is known for his durability. He hasn’t actually missed a game in the National Football League since 2010.

The Lions are scheduled to face the offensively inept Baltimore Ravens next. While Baltimore can’t score, its defense is as tough as there is. Stafford will need to keep his head on a swivel, while hoping no defenders get near that banged up ankle of his.