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Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta Feedback Changes For Madden 23

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You voiced out your concerns… and EA listens. Here are the changes in Madden 23 following players’ Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta Feedback.

Until June 27th, EA Sports allowed players early access to Madden NFL 23 through a closed beta testing group. The closed beta group wasn’t done only to promote the game or to generate hype, EA also did this to allow players to sample the game ahead of its release on August 19, 2022 (or August 16, if you have Early Access rights). EA then encouraged players to give their comments on the game through the Madden NFL 23 closed beta feedback forms they sent out at the end of the beta period. While many wouldn’t have expected EA to act so swiftly, they actually implemented a couple of the points raised by players this early, with some changes already committed for launch or included in the game’s future roadmap.

The most noteworthy changes include improvements in AI’s play awareness, lineman AI tuning, improved pass rush balance, general game balance, and higher variety in hit-stick animations. Added to the game’s roadmap for the future includes returning referees back on the field.

You can check out the full list of changes made and issues addressed based on the Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta Feedback from players in EA’s comprehensive report here, or a summarized list below:

Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta Feedback Changes

Gameplay – gameplay changes made based on Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta Feedback

  • EA will not drastically change the game and will leave coverage reaction time alone
  • Referees will be brought back to the game/on the field sometime after launch
  • Play Awareness – AI play awareness was tuned for a better experience at launch
    • Logic added so that when defensive backs are playing in linebacker positions, they will have slower reaction time to the running game.
    • Removed the ability to hot route TE’s to a pass block assignment when in a 2-point WR stance
    • Adjusted the Corner Route in Bunch formations and the corner hot-route in the Hot Route Master and Slot Apprentice abilities to align with the other corner routes throughout the playbooks.
    • Made improvements to man coverage pre-snap alignment vs. bunch formations
  • Tuning and AI changes on pulling linemen to make them more explisve through the line of scrimmage
  • A bug that causes super-wins to trigger too frequently during the beta will be fixed in time for launch, but the pass rush at launch is still going to be more powerful than it was in Madden NFL 22.
  • User Interceptions tweaks to address responsiveness
    • Tuning to catch animations to increase range for jumping INT’s
    • Tuning to significantly decrease situations where the player is requesting ‘Play Ball’ without seeing the corresponding animation response.
  • Man Coverage Fake-outs tweaks to reduce frequency
    • Tuning to significantly reduce the frequency of fakeouts by man coverage defenders
    • Added new logic so the fakeouts could be used in super-win situations where the ratings delta is heavily in favor of the WR
  • Tuning to reduce the number of fumbles
    • Tuning to significantly reduce fumble chance on QB hits inside the pocket
    • Tuning to significantly reduce fumble chance on QB hits while in the early portion of the throw
    • Tuning to reduce fumbles by non-QB ball carriers on hit-sticks and strip-ball attempts
    • Significant reduction to ‘punch-out’ fumbles by AI-controlled defenders during stand-up tackles on Competitive game style
  • Added Hit-Stick Animation Variety
    • 27 new hit-stick animations have been added for launch
    • Most of the existing animations have been updated to make them look/behave differently
  • Wide Receivers will receive a buff
    • Tuning to increase catch success for WR’s in contested-catch situations when in a mismatch.
    • Logic added to include WR physical attributes such as height to play a more significant role in the success of contested catches.
  • Better in-game feedback systems and better accessibility to make skill-based passing easier to understand

Franchise – franchise mode changes made based on Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta Feedback

  • Fixed a bug that causes the Franchise Draft to crash
  • Fixed an issue where the longest pass completion in simulations was 25 yards.
  • Tuned sim stats to try and match real life stats as closely as possible
  • Tuning to address low interest players signing too frequently during re-sign periods
  • Updating of real life player contracts as they are made available
  • Improved CPU Draft Logic
  • Fixed a bug that causes a crash when reviewing Eval Offers during Free Agency
  • Tuning to improve Get Offers Trade
  • Fixed a graphical bug that causes the NFL Draft to flicker
  • Made a variety of improvements to prevent high profile players appearing to frequently in Free Agency
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong progression history to appear
  • Fixed an issue that causes Assign Scout text to be misaligned
  • Fixed an issue that caused Scouting Tiers 4 Stars instead of just 3
  • Added help tips for Free Agent Hub, Contract Negotiation, and Scouting Stage Updates

Face of the Franchise & The Yard – changes made based on Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta Feedback for the Face of the Franchise game mode and The Yard game mode

  • Added more customization options for Create-a-player
  • Added options to re-spec character’s skill points and body type/archetype at any time
  • Tattoos for Create-a-player to be added sometime after launch
  • Reduced amount of campaign and solo challenges in the Yard
  • Ranked Yard will be added at launch
  • Tuning of player-locked camera angles in Face of the Franchise mode

Madden NFL 23 is launching worldwide on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on August 19, 2022. Pre-ordering the Madden NFL 23 All-Madden Edition will allow players Early Access to the game on August 16, 2022.

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