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Magic Johnson teases potential return to NBA after abruptly stepping down from Lakers in 2019

Magic Johnson Lakers

It’s been almost two years since former Los Angeles Lakers point guard Magic Johnson surprisingly stepped down as the team’s president of basketball operations. The move and its aftermath received criticism at the time, but now Johnson says that he isn’t ruling out a return to the NBA if the right opportunity comes.

In an interview with ESPN’s Eric Woodyard, Johnson said that it is ultimately his love for the league that makes him consider a possible return.

“I think that if the right opportunity came about [to return to the NBA], I would definitely look to do it because I love the game,” the five-time NBA champion told Woodyard. “I talk about it all the time on Twitter. I watch every game all the time every night, so I love it so much.”

Johnson also expressed his approval for the parity of the league this season, saying that there are several teams aside from the defending champion Lakers capable of winning the championship. It is unclear if the 12-time NBA All-Star received offers from Los Angeles or other teams to return to the league, and whether he will have a coaching or a front-office role if he comes back.

While he waits for the right opportunity to return to the NBA, the 61-year-old continues to stay busy by running Magic Johnson Enterprises. And as NBA fans who are on social media are well aware, Johnson loves to share his thoughts about the game on Twitter, even though it is actually his head of communications who does the tweeting for him.

Fans may not see Johnson’s immediate return to the NBA, but it’s clear that he remains connected to the game, and his love for it remains strong.