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Magic: Legends is shutting down in October

magic: Legends shutting down

The online action RPG Magic: Legends will be shutting its servers down on October 31, 2021. It didn’t even get past the open beta. 

Based on the critically acclaimed Magic: The Gathering card game, Magic: Legends is an RPG that was originally coming out later this year. The game had the open beta for around six months before the news that it’s getting shut down went out. The game’s developer-publisher combo, Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment, previously worked together on Neverwinter Nights, an adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons.

On the game’s official website, Executive Producer Steve Ricossa announced the news. He stated that even though his team “missed the mark”, they are still very proud of what they accomplished. “We learned several valuable lessons along the way,” says Ricossa. “And we will use them to improve Cryptic’s future development efforts.”

After acknowledging both the fans and the team, he reassured players who spent money in-game that they’ll be fully refunded.

The announcement also included an FAQ for players who want to continue playing the game. Players can still access Magic: Legends from the Epic Games Store and will be able to play until October 31. However, they will be closing the Zen Shop, the in-game microtransaction store, effective immediately. Later this week, all items will instead be purchasable using Aether, the game’s in-game currency.