With Pep Guardiola contracted at Manchester City until 2023, he reveals he has no intention of managing any other Premier League club.

Guardiola is undoubtedly one of the greatest football managers in the history of football. He's had major successes with Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and now, Manchester City. However, if the 50-year old manager had one weakness, it would be the UEFA Champions League—a trophy he hasn't won since his days at Catalunya.

On top of this, there has always been speculation that Guardiola could one day manage an international side. He stresses that although the prospect of coaching an international team is enticing, he has unfinished business with Man City—the Champions League. He loves the club so much that he would rather take another role at Man City than manage another English club.

Via SkySports:

“I think it is difficult for it to happen. I would like it but, at the same time, if it does not happen I will train a club. That is not a problem.”

“In England, being here, I think I will always be at Man City. If I had to come back I would come back to Man City, if they want me. I don't think I am going to train another club in England. I'm a part of this club.”

For Man City fans, this should be great news as it means their decorated manager in Guardiola seems to be as committed as ever in delivering the best results for the club.