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Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo gets LeBron-like secret weapon from Italy

Cristiano Ronaldo Lebron James Manchester United

Manchester United’s star striker Cristiano Ronaldo imported a $57,000 Cryotherapy ice chamber from Turin, Italy.

After spending three years with Juventus, Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United has been nothing but magical. The Portuguese star scored five goals in six matches, including a last-second winner against Villareal in the Champions League.

Via The Sun

“It wasn’t an easy feat getting the cryotherapy chamber transported from Italy to Cheshire, but he’s happy now it’s here as it will aid him in his post-match recovery routine,” a source said.

Many fans marvel at how the 36-year old United legend has been able to keep his prime shape and form.

At that age, some notable athletes experience a significant decline, suffering injuries and struggling to keep up with the competition’s standards.

Like Ronaldo, it is apparent that Lebron James also makes use of Cryotherapy. The King is one of the two remaining active players from the 2003 NBA Draft. Similarly, James maintains his outstanding form, leading the Los Angeles Lakers at 36 years old.

So, how does Cryotherapy serve as their secret weapon?

The ice chamber applies temperatures as low as -200C to help rehabilitate human tissue, then pumps liquid nitrogen within the cylinder to cool down the body. This helps loosens the muscles that were tight or sore, aiding Ronaldo in his rigorous schedule with United.

“Ronaldo is meticulous in how he looks after his body and will do anything to gain an edge,” the source added.

As CR7 continues to perform for Manchester United late in his incredible career, it is evident that his efforts in match preparation and recovery are working.