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Mark Sanchez gives Patriots’ Tom Brady advice on how to have playoff success on the road in hilarious video

Tom Brady, Mark Sanchez

Former New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has given some unsolicited advice to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who is currently on the “poor me” press tour.

Sanchez decided to have a bit of fun at Brady’s expense thanks to a funny video produced by GOAT Farm Media. In the video, the legendary football player plays the “Road Playoff Win Guru.”

Fans will recall that, when Sanchez was on the field, he racked up four road playoffs — a record which Brady only just tied with the AFC Championship victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the video, Sanchez is shown having his own office, packed with random Jets paraphernalia, including a giant stuffed bear wearing a No. 6 Gang Green jersey. Over the phone, Sanchez asks, “can you tell me what pound sign butt fumble means? I get it from all my fans,” before a fake version of Tom Brady enters the office.

“Tom Brady,” or the actor in the skit that play him, then comes into the office. He’s wearing all five Super Bowl rings on his fingers.

But “Brady” gets the last laugh, because even though he asks Sanchez for advice on how to win road games — which Sanchez is happy to supply — he then offers the legend tickets to the Super Bowl.

Because, says Brady, “how else are you going to get there, Mark Sanchez?”

You can’t argue with that type of logic.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will face off against the Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta this coming Sunday, February 3rd in Super Bowl 53.