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Matt Nagy says Bears offense will eventually ‘crack’

Matt Nagy

The Chicago Bears have only scored 19 points so far this season, but head coach Matt Nagy thinks it’s only a matter of time before the offense figures it out and will “crack.” Nagy knows what the offense is capable of, and he knows once they figure it out, the offense is going to be special.

Per Dan Wiederer in the Chicago Tribune:

“We want to figure this thing out,” Nagy said. “We have time to do that. And we feel like we will. … Eventually, it’ll crack. And when it does, I think it’s going to be pretty good.”

The first two games have been against the Green Bay Packers and the Denver Broncos, both teams who have strong defenses. One positive that Nagy has taken away from the first couple of games is they have limited turnovers which means they aren’t giving the opposing teams short fields.

That has really been the only real positive coming from the offense though, and it starts with quarterback Mitchell Trubisky’s struggles. He is still looking for his first touchdown pass, and against the Broncos he only threw for 120 yards.

Guard Kyle Long has seen the struggles, but he knows the team needs to stay patient because at some point it’s going to get better.

“You have to stay patient,” Long said. “People have compared this to boxing matches a lot. It’s not too often you’re going to knock somebody out in the first round. But what you see a lot of is guys get worn down throughout the game and you see the big punches land in the later rounds.”

The Bears play the Washington Redskins on Sunday and they aren’t known for a good offense. If the offense struggles again there is going to be some real panic in Chicago.