The Dallas Mavericks are changing the role of their famed owner Mark Cuban. Cuban no longer has control of basketball operations with the Mavericks, per ESPN. Cuban's role downsized when he sold the majority share of the franchise earlier this year.

This seems to be in contrast to some of the claims Cuban has made since selling those majority shares. Dallas just lost in the NBA Finals to the Boston Celtics in five games. The Mavericks' majority governor Patrick Dumont must now make the necessary moves to put Dallas over the top once again.

What the future holds for the Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic (77) reacts in the fourth quarter against the Boston Celtics during game five of the 2024 NBA Finals at TD Garden.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Mavericks seem poised to try and make another run for the title next year, with Luka Doncic the centerpiece of the squad. Doncic was hurt for most of the NBA Finals and that certainly played a role in Dallas' play. Dallas currently has other pieces to help Doncic, including NBA veteran Kyrie Irving.

The Mavericks front office must now find the right chess pieces to get Doncic a championship ring. The management of the team seems to be working in a much more organized fashion than in years past. Dallas has a clear flow to its organization now that Cuban isn't majority governor, per ESPN. Dallas has awarded their coach Jason Kidd with a long-term contract extension, as well as general manager Nico Harrison. Dallas has the leaders in place to win another NBA Championship, but now those leaders must make the right personnel decisions.

It is completely expected though that Cuban will offer suggestions on how to improve the team. Cuban has frequently commented on personnel decisions in the NBA, as well as team play. Cuban was one of the most vocal NBA owners in the league for many years. He was the first owner to speak out about the infamous Donald Sterling audio tape in 2014, when the Los Angeles Clippers owner Sterling was caught making racist comments. Cuban also put the Mavericks team together that won the NBA Championship in 2011, over LeBron James and the Miami Heat. He even speaks about political issues, and candidates have frequently sought his endorsement.

Dallas may need to pay more attention though to the comments and wishes of Doncic. Doncic has expressed interest in staying with the franchise for the long-term. He also meshed well with veteran guard Irving during this past season. Doncic is an absolute star in the NBA, putting up triple-doubles on a regular basis. He averaged 34 points this season for the team, while shooting close to 50 percent from the field. His offensive talents are as good as just about anyone playing in the NBA right now.

The journey begins immediately for the Mavericks to get the right combo of players for a championship. The NBA Draft starts on June 26. Dallas currently doesn't have a pick until the very end of the second round, at no. 58.