The Dallas Mavericks are ecstatic with Luka Doncic's career thus far, especially in regards to the buzz he creates around the team and the joy of watching him on the court. The Mavs have yet to win a title with Doncic as their lead player, but he has maintained plenty of admiration around the NBA.

Orlando Magic Coach Jamahl Mosley is one such admirer.

The Mavs star Doncic has been busy recently. giving back to his native Slovenia with an insane floating court basketball tournament that has to be seen to be believed. Kyrie Irving's development with the Mavs has also been in the spotlight as a team coach dropped a five-word warning to the rest of the NBA recently.

As the season gets closer, the battle lines are being drawn and key players and teams are being hyped up.

Mosley spoke with the podcast recently and had a plethora of positive things to say about Doncic heading into the season. Doncic is well known for his scoring abilities and wild shots, but his ability to get his teammates involved took center stage in the interview.

According to Mosley, Doncic got a big assists from Dirk Nowitzki when he came to the Mavs.

Working under a superstar gave Doncic the type of study habits that have become legendary, Mosley said.

“Luka observes veerything, not just on the court, but how you conduct yourself off the court and carry yourself,” Mosley said.

“The first time you saw it was in pickup games. We had runs in the summer. Luka came in after winning it all overseas. He was tired because he was playing non-stop, but he picked up right where he left off,” Mosley said, adding that Doncic loves being around his Mavs teammates.

“There is a joy he plays with. That stood out to me more than anything. The talent level, he sees things other people can't see. He's always creating the game. He's an artist in that way.

“He helps other guys be better.”