Mavs news: Dirk Nowitzki didn't want a farewell tour but enjoyed the 'awesome' gesture
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Mavs’ Dirk Nowitzki didn’t want a farewell tour but enjoyed the ‘awesome’ gesture


Dallas Mavericks legend and basketball icon Dirk Nowitzki didn’t want an extravagant farewell tour in his last season in the NBA. However, he appreciated the “awesome” gesture from the Mavs, fans, and the NBA.

In an interview with Alex Schulter of Sporting News, Nowitzki was asked if he became uncomfortable in the last few months of his final season, as his millions of fans gave him standing ovations in every arena he visited.

“No. The farewell tour was awesome, especially as I didn’t announce anything beforehand. I enjoyed getting standing ovations in other arenas, that was incredible. New York, Boston or the All-Star Game in Charlotte, those are things I’ll never forget, especially because everything happened quite naturally. What the Mavs did in the end, getting my five idols to send me into retirement, was insane as well.”

As one of the greats of this game, Nowitzki caught everyone by surprise when he announced his retirement in the middle of a game. Before, fans only heard rumors and speculations that the German’s 21st year will be his last. After all, injuries and old age have noticeably slowed him down. And more importantly, he has nothing left to prove as he has accomplished pretty much everything.

Needless to say, Nowitzki bid farewell to the game in his own terms. He didn’t have a year-long farewell tour like some of his contemporaries. But given his massive influence and achievements, fans wouldn’t allow him to go without a massive applause and tons of thank yous.