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Mavs legend Dirk Nowitzki jokes about ‘heading toward 3 bills’ because of his eating in retirement

Dirk Nowitzki

Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki appears to be living his best life in retirement. The 41-year-old even had to cut back on the binge eating after gaining so much weight over the past few months:

This comes directly from the horse’s mouth here, with Nowitzki himself admitting that he did go a bit overboard in his first summer vacation as a retired professional. According to Basketball-Reference, Dirk is listed at 245 pounds, so to say that he was “heading to three bills” (a colloquial term for 300 pounds), it means he may have gained close to 50 pounds since retiring in June.

Who knows just how much weight Nowitzki gained, but nobody can blame him for his eating onslaught, as this is something the 14-time All-Star certainly deserves. In his 21-year career, Dirk was a true professional, always making sure he kept his body in the right shape throughout the season.

Dirk admittedly let himself go for a brief stint, but he has since recovered and appears to be making his way back to proper form. It’s always nice to reward one’s self for a job well done — and this is certainly applicable to Nowitzki — but there is such a thing as going overboard. It’s great that Dirk was able to catch himself early on, as the last thing anyone would want is for the former MVP to contract some sort of health problem so early on in his retirement.