Mavs news: Dirk Nowitzki plays goalie in charity match in Germany
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Dirk Nowitzki plays goalie in charity match in Germany

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Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki seems to be having some fun in retirement. Nowitzki suited up to play goalkeeper during the “Champions for Charity” match in Leverkusen, Germany:

Nowitzki has routinely made celebrity showings on the pitch, and made some waves for a penalty kick challenge in which he took on a Bundesliga keeper.

Every player seems to have very different approaches to retirement. Some remain active and continue playing the sport while others, like Kobe Bryant, prefer to analyze and appreciate the sport without consistently engaging in the rigors of working out.

As for Nowitzki, he has been very clear in saying that he appreciates the freedom that retirement has provided him, telling Dwain Price of

“It’s been a blast,” the former Dallas Mavericks’ superstar said Wednesday night. “It’s been everything I’ve dreamed of – drinking everything and eating everything in sight on vacation and not really worrying about anything about staying in shape.

“I think, like I said, eventually I’m going to find a little routine, I’m going to start working out again and enjoying that. But as of now I literally have zero motivation to go work out.”

There was a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not Nowitzki would ever make his retirement official. Although teams around the league hailed Dirk and Dwyane Wade and treated them both to “retirment tours,” Nowitzki had not explicitly stated that he would be done with basketball after this past season.

He would confirm as much during the final home game of the season, thanking Mavs fans for their love and support.

Nowitzki retired as probably the best European player ever, the franchise leader in a load of statistical categories and the sixth-leading scorer on the all-time points list.