Do you still remember that time when LeBron James and Dwyane Wade decided to troll Dirk Nowitzki during the 2011 NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks? Well, former Mavs guard Jason Terry remembers that controversial moment well. The ex-NBA champ recently looked back at that infamous occasion as he discussed how LeBron and Wade's antics fueled the Mavs during that series.

This incident went down right before Game 5 of that epic Finals series. Nowitzki was playing through flu-like symptoms in the previous game and when LeBron and Wade walked by the Mavs' locker room, the pair decided to mock Dirk by fake coughing:

On a recent episode of The Players' Tribunes' Knuckleheads podcast, Terry shared how this incident got on the nerve of some Mavs players. It isn't surprising at all that this disrespectful act did not sit well with them:

“People like Caron [Butler] and D-Steve (DeShawn Stevenson) like, ‘Ah, yeah, they talking s—. Man, f— that. They ain’t like that. Look at ’em. They clowning us,'” said the former Mavs stud (h/t Orel Dizon of Heat Nation). “I’m like, ‘Man, we ain’t worried about that, man. Stay focused. Stay locked in.'”

True enough, LeBron and Wade's mockery backfired on them in a major way. Not only did the Mavs win Game 5 of that series, but they also went on to win in Game 6 en route to upsetting the mighty Heat for the 2011 NBA title. That wasn't exactly the best moment of that iconic Miami Heat squad.