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Luka Doncic in his bag for scorching 39 points in three quarters

Luka Doncic, Mavs, Warriors

In their blowout win over the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday, the Dallas Mavericks surely maximized the services of Luka Doncic who dropped a casual 39 points in just three quarters of play.

Doncic did most of his work in the third period, where he exploded for 23 points. He did his damage everywhere. From smooth drives to the paint to nifty jumpers from the perimeter to wide-open shots from deep, safe to say that Doncic had the Warriors defense figured out.

Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins is a pretty decent defender. He has the size, length, and strength to go toe-to-toe with Doncic. But Doncic, who only played 28 minutes, simply showcased why he’s tagged as the newest face of the NBA.

Frankly, Doncic didn’t have to work that hard in the third quarter. After all, the Mavericks already built a 64-24 lead in the first half. But the two-time All-Star knows that it’s foolish to take your foot off the gas pedal in the NBA. And so he did what any smart player would do: Punish his opponent even more.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr described the game perfectly (via ESPN).

“Biggest game of the year and it was over before it started.”

When the Mavericks are playing, fans can almost always expect Luka Doncic to unleash his magic. He won’t necessarily posterize his foes or unleash a series of flashy dribbling moves, but it’s a guarantee that he’ll make life difficult for his foes. And all he needs are just the basic set of tools and his dreaded step-back jumper.