The Dallas Mavericks were behind most teams in the Western Conference standings last season and that’s projected to happen once again this year, but when it comes to technology, the team is blazing a trail in the NBA. In fact, they might be the only team in the NBA right now that utilizes facial recognition technology in the locker room.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban bragged about it to a group of reporters he spoke to inside Dallas’ locker room. According to Cuban, this locker room installation would instantly recognize players, coaches, and trainers that’ll enter the area. Not only that, it’ll also update and remind team members of important details.

“When a player walks in or anybody walks in, we’ll have facial recognition that will take a picture of you and say ok, ‘Here comes Mark,’ ‘Here comes Dirk.’ And for any of the players or any of the staff, it’ll put coaches’ notes, here’s what you’re expected to do and tell you what’s going on.”

It’s cool for the Mavericks to have their own Hal 9000 but what’s going to be cooler is if they could actually have a better record this coming season than in the last campaign when Dallas finished with just a 33-39 record while missing the playoffs for just the second time since 2000.