Mavs news: Mark Cuban knows why the NBA's ratings are dropping while NFL ratings remain consistent
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Mark Cuban knows why the NBA’s ratings are dropping while NFL ratings remain consistent


Business magnate and Dallas Mavericks majority owner Mark Cuban certainly knows a thing or two about ratings and viewership. The Mavs head honcho recently weighed in on alarming reports concerning the NBA’s supposed declining TV ratings and compared it to the NFL’s increase in viewership.

In a lengthy Twitter post on Thursday, the outspoken Dallas executive got into detail how the NBA being exclusively available on cable is hurting its ratings.

Cuban also touched upon how everything is moving digital nowadays, as the young generation is slowly shunning away from traditional media.

“Ratings also don’t capture the full commitment to a sport. Look at social media, YouTube/insta/snap/fb streams , live and highlights. They don’t pay as much, but they are a reflection of demand for younger demos and global interest . It’s truly an Innovators Dilemma,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet.

In typical Cuban fashion, he also shut down media personality Colin Cowherd, who disapproved his claim.

Cuban’s take certainly has its merits, given his credibility in the business world. Apart from being a staple in the sidelines of Mavs’ games, Cuban is also best known as the most prominent investor in the “Shark Tank” reality show, where he explains how businesses work and guides both young and experienced entrepreneurs to greater heights.

The NBA’s ratings, meanwhile, will likely improve in the coming months given we’re just a month into the 2019-20 regular season. Some pundits are attributing factors like the Golden State Warriors’ struggles to the sudden dip, while number-one overall pick and must-see-TV Zion Williamson hasn’t even suited up for the New Orleans Pelicans just yet.