Outspoken billionaire Mark Cuban is selling his majority ownership stake in the Dallas Mavericks to American and Israeli physician Miriam Adelson, the widow of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. The Mavs valuation is set for approximately $3.5 billion. Shams Charania broke the news first.

The reaction has been swift on social media, with some speculating that Cuban may be gearing up for presidential run:

@EvanSowards – Mark Cuban leaves shark tank, sells the Mavs. Is Mark Cuban running for president? Because I’m down
@JeffDLowe – This, a day after leaving Shark Tank, my snap thought and question: is Mark Cuban about to run for President, or something crazy?
@netw3rk – (Sincerely) He’s running
@DaveDuFourNBA – Does the NBA have a rule against a team governor running for President? Asking for a friend.
@All_Things_Mavs – leaving Shark Tank and selling some of the Mavs in a 24-hour span… what’s going on???
@goatcollect – I’d take Mark Cuban as the owner of my favorite team… Mayor, Governor, Vice President and President of the United States and whatever other leadership position he could handle. Absolute legend who knows how to win. Hope he runs. 
@LoganABrown – Left Shark Tank, sold his ownership in a team while practically maintaining said ownership and control … Is Mark Cuban going to run for president or something? Up to something.

On Monday, the soon to be ex-Mavs owner announced that he is leaving the show Shark Tank after 16 seasons. The entrepreneur opened up about leaving the show on the Showtime podcast All The Smoke:

“It's time.”

Is it time for a presidential run as well?