Mavs news: Rick Carlisle blames social media for putting pressure on players to generate highlights
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Mavs coach Rick Carlisle blames social media for putting pressure on players to generate highlights

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Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle feels that this era of social media in the NBA generates extra pressure for players to create highlights.

In the early days of the NBA, fans were forced to catch news about their favorite team in local newspapers or ESPN clips. Nowadays, fans can simply whip out their mobile devices and instantly gather vast amounts of statistical information, as well as those highlights that are so sought after.

Carlisle knows that social media is an element of society that isn’t going away, but he’s not a fan of the pressure it creates:

“Social media has created really an undue pressure on guys like Luka to generate highlights,” Carlisle said, via ESPN. “[Fans] want to be seeing stuff every day on their phones.”

Luka Doncic, who has over three million followers on his Instagram account, is often featured in these highlights. At 6-foot-7, the Slovenian-born star has great ball-handling skills, a knack for finding the open man and a clean stroke from the perimeter.

As you can see from the photo taken after Monday’s 117-110 victory over the San Antonio Spurs, Doncic is a well-liked individual:

He finished Monday night’s game with a career-high 42 points, notching his sixth triple-double:

“A lot of people didn’t think he was this good,” Carlisle said of Doncic, via Mavs Twitter.

Though Luka’s popularity has grown exponentially since he joined the NBA, Carlisle knows that his ultimate goal is to win:

“There’s no doubt in my mind that for Luka Doncic, winning is the No. 1 and most important thing, hands down,” Carlisle said, via ESPN.

The Mavs moved to 8-5 with Monday’s victory. They’ll be looking to improve on that mark in Wednesday night’s matchup against the Golden State Warriors. Tip-off inside American Airlines Arena is set for 7:30 p.m. ET, with ESPN having live broadcast coverage.