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Mavs writer deleted his Twitter account after involvement in scandalous report

earl k sneed

Dallas Mavericks writer Earl K. Sneed has been reporting on Mavs basketball for the last seven years. You may have noticed him giving game updates on NBA TV, doing interviews with the staff giving his thoughts on behalf of the players and team on the happenings of all things Mavs.

Tuesday, Sneed sent out his farewell message on Twitter as he departed his familiar position with the team after working his way up from being a freelancer for Mavs.com. The tweet has since been deleted, but the internet never loses, so here’s a screenshot.


For most, this is a bittersweet occasion, departing with a long-time team family member along with all of the time and passion they gave to an organization. In Sneed’s case, it was awkward and, ironically, nothing sweet about it.

The former beat writer departed on the cusp of a pending story reported by Sports Illustrated that links him to assaulting women, including a Mavs employee to boot.

It comes as a surprise to many that the internal workings of the Mavs organization have been toxic, and Sneed wanted no part of the backlash as he deleted his Twitter account prior to the story finding its way into the public on Tuesday evening.

Just prior to the incident report, Sneed had been active on social media posting about the recent All-Star weekend events.

In a pre-emptive statement released by the Mavs, claims were made that they were misled and terminated an employee for domestic violence, although Sneed’s name was not mentioned.


The Mavs have vowed to thoroughly investigate the situation and the NBA has made it know that they are watching the events closely as well.