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Mavs rumors: Dallas to explore Courtney Lee trade to help pursue Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker, Mavs, Hornets, Courtney Lee

The Dallas Mavericks will be once again hunting for talent to surround a team led by the Euro frontcourt of Rookie of the Year favorite Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis. To do so, they will reportedly consider trading veteran Courtney Lee in hopes of making a “cap-advantageous” move to help pursue free agents like Kemba Walker, according to Mike Fisher of 247 Sports.

The Mavs will have nearly $30 million of cap space, starting on July 1, but parting with Lee and the $12.8 million remaining on his contract would give them the room to add a player like Walker, who could make as much as $190 million on a five-year deal by staying with the Charlotte Hornets, but figures to make close to $35 million per year over a four-year span with any other team.

While Dallas could very well opt to waive-and-stretch Lee and wind up with a similar situation, but the front office intends to find a clean trade that would improve the team, as well as providing the cap space necessary to take a shot at a top-tier point guard like Walker.

It is possible for the Mavs to have their cake and eat it too, considering Lee has an impeccable reputation as a leader in the locker room and should fit in most places as long as he gets some playing time.

Dallas is Charlotte’s prime enemy when it comes to luring Walker out of The Queen City, and a very real possibility, as they have lusted over his play for more than a full season.

Walker has very few reasons to remain with the Hornets, besides the near $50 million more he would make by signing the max. The Bronx native only made $48 million in his last four years with the team — quite the team-friendly deal, considering he’s coming off three consecutive All-Star seasons.