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Video: Mavs’ Luka Doncic splits 2 Clippers defenders for the layup

luka doncic

Dallas Mavericks first-year man Luka Doncic continued to make his case for Rookie of the Year on Tuesday night.L

Luka Doncic went between Marcin Gortat and Patrick Beverly with ease, giving him an easy finish at the rim with his left hand.

Doncic had yet another impressive game, scoring 17 points along with six assists and seven rebounds. The Mavs would pull away late to secure a 106-98 victory on their home floor.

The 19-year-old continues to play with the poise and savvy of an NBA veteran, making difficult moves like these look smooth and effortless. Dallas is undoubtedly very pleased that the team swapped him for Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young on draft night, as Luka Doncic already looks like he could be a franchise cornerpiece for years to come.

With the win, the Mavs improved their record to 21-26, standing as the 13th seed in the Western Conference. They got off to a fast start that had some fans hoping for a playoff run but have tailed off since.

Without Luka Doncic, the Mavs would be in a very dark place. He might be the only player remaining on this roster in three years and perhaps is the one piece keeping the Mavs from going into full rebuild mode. Dallas fans hope that he will be making more highlight clips like these for years to come.