Memphis Tigers star James Wiseman drops lawsuit against the NCAA
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Memphis Tigers star James Wiseman drops lawsuit against the NCAA

James Wiseman, Memphis Tigers, Penny Hardaway

According to an announcement, Memphis Tigers star James Wiseman is dropping his lawsuit against the NCAA. The suit was a restraining order, allowing him to play following the governing body ruling him ineligible due to head coach Penny Hardaway giving the kid money while both were in the AAU realm.

Below is the following statement from his legal team:

The NCAA, after saying in May he was eligible, ruled that Memphis Tigers head coach Penny Hardaway helped pay for James Wiseman and his family to move to Memphis while he was still in high school, which makes Hardaway a booster, according to Wiseman’s lawyers.

Minutes after being ruled ineligible, Memphis announced that James Wiseman would continue to play thanks to a restraining order.

Nevertheless, this appears to no longer be the case, though the story is fluid.

Update: A school statement seems to infer there’s more to come: “The University is confident that the NCAA will render a fair and equitable decision consistent with its mission,” according to the school’s press release

What will be interesting is to hear what is next in regards to the statuses of not only Wiseman, but the Memphis Tigers program and head coach Penny Hardaway.

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